Tuesday, April 10, 2012

GET MArried!!!!!

Ok since it has almost been a year since I have posted i guess its the best time to catch up on life or at least let people know the new stuff. Well I am getting MARRIED in May to Jacob Olsen. We met last may and started dating in September. He proposed in December and now were getting married in May. Kinda crazy how fast everything happens but i wouldnt change it for the world. I am supper happy and cant wait to be married. We also put an offer on a home in Hyrum and now we are just playig th waiting game . We are both very blessed to have good jobs, amazing family and friends. We cant wait for this new stage in life. I guess that also means that my blog name with have to change because it will no longer be just me :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What do Missionaries Do?

feast uppon the words of Christ

After saying goodbye the night befor transfers

This is my Brazilian family
This is my other Brazilian family
I have been looking at different missionary pictures and then I realized that I have yet to share with people what a mission is like in Brazil. For those of you who don't know I served a mission in the Porto alegre norte, Brasil. I have been home over 2 years.... I know and its taken me this long to let people know about it. I do have to say looking back on the mission is kind of hard and being home is even harder at times. I have had this talk with my sister a few times about having a hole left in your heart and for some reason there is nothing that can make that hole go away.I think that is why sometimes it is hard to share such an amazing experience with those around me. Not because i don't want to but because often people don't understand the feelings that come with being a return missionary.There are not enough words to say what a mission can be or means to someone. Here are a few pictures that might explain . This post pictures are from my third area i was there for 6 months and I met some amazing people and had a blast! taught alot and saw the mircles! I spent Christmas in this town and was blessed by families who gave everything they had inorder for us to have a enjoyable time.I had alot of cockrocahes in this house and they became my best friends every morning... I had super fun companions who i was able to feel the spirit with and also play around with. I learned to drink and actually like Chimarrao,I walked miles and miles and miles. I over came my fear of birds. I hurt my knee and didnt think i would be able to walk for days! But i was tough and walked anyways and was blessed to have a dear sister in our word who was a physical therapist and worked on my knee for free. I saw people i love dearly get baptised. I feasted upon the words of christ.. because we had no food haha.I was a wittness in a wedding. I met alot of amazing people and ate amazing food!

Friday, April 8, 2011

SNOw again?!!!

Man once again its snowing in LOGAN UTAH! What the heck its April! So this who thing about April showers brings May flowers is not how it works in these parts. I think its more like this. April snow brings May rain... then maybe in June we will see some flowers. I had big plans get plant a garden and enjoy some sun this month but it looks like i will have to put if off a little longer.. Man mother nature i am ready for you to get back on schedule and figure out these four seasons that we are suppose to have.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We all need a Friend

One thing that i have been thinking a lot about these past few weeks is how important people are in our lives.Not only people but good people and how its important to surround ourselves with people that make us happy and that make us want to be better. I have had the opportunity to get to know someone a little better everyday as we have helped each other out in our life challenges. It has helped me once again see the Lord in my life as he puts people in our paths to help us and for us to help them. This person is going through life changing experiences right now and I have felt a great love for her. When things got hard for her I felt that it was time to step up and be a good friend. I was a little hesitant at first because I did not want to be over bearing or push her away. I prayed to know what to do and how I could influence this amazing persons life for the better. It has been a good experience as we have chatted and been support systems for each other. She is a true blessing in my life and I hope that I to can be one in hers. As I reflect back on conversations with her and also conversations with other people I have come to realize what a true friend is and how I hope that I can be a true friend to those around me at all times. I want to live my life in a way that people know no matter what I love them and will always be a friend to them no matter the circumstance. So I decided to do a little research on friends and friendships and found a few things that have touched my heart FRIENDS
* Friends are special people. If you are a friend, it means you were chosen. You are not in someones life by happenstance, or by accident of birth. You're in someones life because he of she wants you there
* Every friend is a gift from God. Treat each of your friends as the gift he or she is.
*A true friend keeps secrets
*Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out but to see who cares enough to break them down. A true friend is the first one with a hammer.
* A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.
My challenge to myself is to let those around me know that i am here for them. That I am a true friend and that they may know that no matter what i love and care about them.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Can it Be Spring Break already?

OK so for spring break i have this amazing trip planned with my roommate Amanda and her brother Ben. We are going on a cruise we leave on March 5th and get back on March 14th. I have one problem.... This week is dragging! I Feel like its never ending and all i can think about is eating good food and basking in the sun! This week has been crazy with work and school and it seems that things just keep getting put off. I did how ever get my work done and as of tomorrow I have my 40hrs and its vacation for me! Needless to say i still have two test to take and a presentation to give. FRIDAY where the heck are you? I do know that this trip is very much needed and will be worth every penny paid or debit card swiped. so let me just give you a glimps of what i will be enjoying!
ps i also have to say i am very proud of myself that I have posted at least once each month this year... Man things are already looking better then last year.

Monday, February 28, 2011

How people do it?

So I have been thinking a lot this past weekend about how people who don't believe in God or believe in the plan of salvation deal with death and find comfort in there lives. It has been a tough 7 months or so for my family with the death of G-ma ward, death of Aunt Mary and now the death of a cousin Benjamin. To add to that also for myself the death of a consumer at work which affect many other consumers and staff. I just keep telling myself that the Lord has a plan for each person. We knew that plan before we came to earth and we accepted it.In the moments of weakness or moments when you want to stop and give up i just try and remember that this is not the end that we have a loving father in heaven who wants us all to be happy and to live with our families once again. I honestly would be lost without this knowledge and i am so thankful and grateful for the gospel in my life. As i sit around and watch people struggle with things in there life it is a tender mercy of the Lord that reminds me that life isn't so hard and he will never give me more then i can handle. I have watched friends struggle with being angry at God and no understanding why things happen and it breaks my heart. If only they would see that these challenges are moments for growth and that the Lord knows we are capable of overcoming these trials if we are willing to put forth the effort. I know with all my heart that God is our Father in Heaven that he loves us and he gave his son our savior Jesus Christ to atone for our sins so that each of us if we choose to repent can be forgiven of our sins. I know he is my savior and redeemer and he is the redeemer of the world. I know that if we have faith anything is possible and that we must never give up. Life isn't easy but it will all be worth it when we have the opportunity to be reunited with our families and friends. I look forward to the day i can kneel with a humble heart and thank our savior Jesus Christ for his love. L look forward to embracing our Father in Heaven and knowing that I am his daughter and he loves me and that he knows me by name. I look forward to the day when I can be with Grandma and Grandpa Ward and express the love i have for them and the example they were to me. I look forward to the day when i can be with all my loved ones. It's moments like this that i look and tell myself how can someone no believe and how can they not have the desire to do whats right and strive for these same blessings. I hope that if any of you who read this question these things and question if God is there that you get on your knees and you talk with him. Never forget that he is always there and in the moments of despair and grief he is the one we can turn to.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Love Hate Relationships With My Phone

This past week was a little rough from work. I thought i might have to kill someone or something by the end of the week. Let me just share with you a little why. On Sunday i spent an hour and half on the phone trying to explain why I couldn't make a doctors appointment right at the moment one it being 8:30 at night and two a Sunday night. On top of that already receiving about 10 calls in an 8 hr period. Monday I had 7 phone calls and about 10 texts by 10 am and they continued during the day and night. Tuesday I had a 45 min conversation about how i do love my consumers i just need a personal life that was after multiple phone calls and texts. Wed when i got out of class from 10 am to 3:30 I had five missed calls and 14 texts waiting for me to respond. Thursday actually was not to bad because my phone died and it wouldn't charge until about 1 pm then i had a hand full of text and a few phone calls. Then came for the fun i had a fun chat with my consumers about emergencies and texting and phone calls. How they need to stop!!! So i then started not answer my phone until 7 pm then it was off to a 45 min phone call. Friday consisted of an hr phone call about a missing wallet and someone being upset because i didn't have a solution of what to do about it at the time. Lets just say it made for a long week! This is my typical week of phone calls and text and these ones are only from work. I have decided i loath my phone! Every time it rings i pray or hope its not work or someone bugging me about work. So for those of you who feel like i never talk to you on the phone anymore its because i have gotten sick of it. I am to the breaking point! Maybe i should just accidentally run it over or put it on top of my car and forget about it. Maybe flush is down the toilet. So if i don't answer i have a good reason.Yet on  the other hand i enjoy spending time talking to family and friends on my phone. listening to music and keeping up on the latest info. The only problem i see now is other people have started to make comments about how often i am on the phone or how often it goes off. so i guess that's a true sign that something needs to be done